August 25, 2014

To celebrate hitting 10,000 likes Brothertiger has released a modern re-work of his classic chill wave track, ‘Lovers’. It is beautifully done with smooth synths and subtle guitars. Don’t miss this!

August 25, 2014



SVMMΞR SVN vol. 2 is summers soundtrack. Downlod the entire 36 track album for free here!

X3SR - a e r o d y n a m i c

X3SR is everything that you can imagine, from every dream, to all the love and passion that we submerge to create a limitless journey to carry ourselves into. it’s…

August 20, 2014

Check this amazing 80s pop influenced piece by Coucheron titled ‘Take Me Back’. You will fall in love on the first listen it is that catchy. I love the vocoder. Highly highly recommended.

August 18, 2014

Check out this beautiful film score composition by Memories of a Marauder titled ‘Over The Breaks’. This is a fast paced action piece with punchy staccato strings and in your face percussion. The sound of the piece overall could be described as adventurous and daring. Even without the composers description you can hear that it draws inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean which i myself love. I don’t usually blog about this kind of music but i feel urged to as it is such a powerful piece. To listen to his other works i have linked his soundcloud below.


August 16, 2014

Wasted Nights new tune ‘CRUSH’ Check it!

August 15, 2014

Check out the first single from the forthcoming Keats//Collective release titled ‘Lancaster_ Presents K//C Remixed’. This is a wondefull choppy remix of WASTED NIGHTS track ‘PALM’ which is already one of my favorite future funk songs. Definitely exited for this release!

August 13, 2014

Saint Pepsi’s debut release on Carpark Records is finally out and his B-side tune titled ‘Fall Harder’ has been uploaded to Soundcloud and it is every bit as beautiful as ‘Fiona Coyne’. Check it!

August 12, 2014

Check out ‘Shudder’ by B A S E C A M P. This is a soulful and uplifting piece with beautiful vocals.

August 9, 2014

Check out the ‘HOT CITY NIGHTS’ EP by Goodbye Channel, This is filled with beautiful guitar riffs and vocals which are equally amazing. I was blown away when i found this EP, Highly recommended!

August 8, 2014

Check out Tendencies uplifting track ‘その蒸気2’. This is sure to get you moving! love it!

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